Friday, October 30, 2009

New book: The Dogs of Havana

Lost souls

Alabama book artist Steve Miller has a fascination with the street dogs of Havana. He gathered some of the photos he had taken of the dogs and gave them to Cuban artist Julio Peralta.
Peralta, who works at the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Old Havana, created eight linoleum cuts based on the photos. And Cade Collum added poetry.
The result: The Dogs of Havana, a new book featuring the art along with eight poems about the canines.
Miller designed and printed 75 of the books, then bound them by hand. They aren't cheap.
Specially-bound copies No. 1 through No. 15 are $475 each, plus $5 for shipping.
The rest of the books, with handmade paper wrappers, are $250 each, plus $5 for shipping. Or you can download a lower-quality PDF of the book for free.
The publisher is Red Hydra Press.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tracey,
Loved the piece illustrated by Julio who is a good friend of ours. Next time you are in Habana Vieja, do drop in and visit with him at the Taller Experimental de Grafica. He is a funny man with an ever present cigar butt, and has won many international awards for his distinctive style. My husband David Carlin frequently works with him at the Taller as we winter in Habana. Your old friend Dulzura (alias Blanquita) is still doing well but hating the wet rains and sleets of our northern part of Ontario.

alongthemalecon said...

Thanks, Judith. I'll try to stop by the taller the next time I'm in Cuba.
Blanquita will be happier once she gets back to Cuba, I'm sure. I saw some old pictures of her in one of my photo files not long ago. I'll post them soon. Take care, Tracey