Saturday, October 24, 2009

No cruise for Yoani

Liberty of the Seas
Photo credit: Flickr

The Pan American Development Foundation today plans to honor Yoani Sanchez and four others. Sanchez won't be at the Heroes of the Hemisphere ceremony in Miami, according to the blog, Uncommon Sense.

Among those scheduled to speak:
* President Rene Preval of Haiti
* Jose Miguel Insulza, secretary general of the Organization of American States
* Writer Carlos Alberto Montaner
Several celebrities are also expected, including:
* Jimmy Jean-Louis of the NBC series Heroes
* Rainn Wilson of NBC's The Office
* Ron Duprat, a nationally recognized chef and contestant on Bravo's Top Chef
The festivities will take place on a cruise ship, Liberty of the Seas. Info on the five winners - Sanchez along with two Colombians, a Haitian and a Salvadoran. - is here.

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