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Posada Carriles' lawyers need time to study documents

Luis Posada Carriles
Lawyers for accused bomber Luis Posada Carriles want more time. The reason: Prosecutors over the past few weeks have deluged them with more than 1,600 pages of new documents and other evidence and they need time to examine it.

According to a motion filed Oct. 21, the new discovery material includes:
* Posada Carriles' telephone messages sheets, business records and military records
* Transcript of testimony from Posada Carriles' immigration case in Honduras
* Birth and death certificates of Fabio DiCelmo, the Italian killed in a 1997 hotel bombing in Havana
* Photos of Fabio DiCelmo
* Photographs of the scenes of the explosions in 1997 in Havana
* Coast Guard and other documents related to the Santrina, the boat Posada Carriles used to enter the United States in 2005
* Documents on Santiago Alvarez, who was released from prison this week after refusing to testify against Posada Carriles
* Alvarez calendar books
* Handwritten statements by Posada Carriles
* Documents related to the Caribe Foundation, where Alvarez was listed as executive director
* A 222-page transcript of Ann Louise Bardach's 1998 interview of Posada Carriles
* Tapes of Posada Carriles' naturalization proceedings in 2005
* Tapes of a Posada Carriles' press conference in 2005
* DVDs of Havana bombing scenes
Posada Carriles' lawyers are Arturo V. Hernandez of Miami, Felipe Millan of El Paso and Rhonda Anderson of Coral Gables. They say Oct. 1 was the deadline to file discovery material and even prosecutors missed that deadline. Pretrial motions are due by Oct. 30. Defense lawyers ask for new deadlines: Dec. 1 to file discovery material and Dec. 15 to file motions. They explain why:
All of the discovery provided by the government has to be cataloged, read and analyzed to determine what motions the Defense must file.
The flood of recently received discovery has made impossible for the Defense to completely evaluate all of the materials with sufficient time...

Posada Carriles in 1976

Complicating matters, the lawyers said, the U.S. Treasury Department recently gave defense lawyers permission to travel to Cuba to gather material they'll use to defend Posada Carriles against allegations that he had something to do with the 1997 Havana bombings.

In custody

Defense lawyers also want time to make the trip. They say Cuban authorities haven't yet told them if they'd be allowed to enter the country.

The lawyers wrote:
The Defense will have to work with the Cuban government and the United States government to secure access to the crime
scenes it wishes to visit as well as access to the individuals it must interview in preparation for the trial of this case.
And all that could lead to more delays. Said the lawyers:
The Defense anticipates that the trip to Cuba will generate the need to obtain further discovery from the government as well as additional pre-trial motions.

Fidel Castro denounces Posada Carriles

Court documents show government lawyers in the case as:
John Williams VanLonkhuyzen, Rebekah Lee Sittner and Margaret Feuille Leachman.

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