Sunday, October 25, 2009

Varadero motorcycle debuts in the U.S.

The Varadero. Credit for photos on this page: Honda

In 1998, Honda introduced its Varadero motorcycle in Munich, Germany. It was sold only in Europe at first, then later New Zealand, Australia and, more recently, Canada.
Now, a Varadero model - the NT700V - will finally be available in the United States. Honda showrooms should have it in November.

At first I suspected that Honda got rid of the Varadero name for American buyers because I couldn't find any U.S. Web sites calling it by that name.
That reminded me of the supposedly comprehensive Caribbean travel guides and Web sites, like this one below, that omit Cuba entirely.

Then I started seeing some U.S. Web sites calling the NT700V what it is: A Varadero.

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