Saturday, November 7, 2009

Facebook friends: We are all Yoani

Some supporters of Yoani Sanchez are using the blogger's photo as their profile picture on Facebook in a show of solidarity. They hope to start a trend.

Also today, the blog YucaBaby translated Orlando Luis Pardo's post about his experience on Friday. Fragments of that translation are below:

Within seconds, Yoani and I had our arms twisted in a car imported from our Mother Country: China
My head against the car's carpet, and Yoani with her feet in the air.
I couldn't see her, identifying her only because she would not be quiet
I heard her scream with the vehemence of a being more free than the planet itself
She had a Cuban man's knee nailed against her chest, and still she rebuked him
From that energy I borrowed the strength to revive a bit my own voice.
They told me to tell Yoani to be quiet.
That phrase, pronounced by three unknowns in the name of the Cuban State, sums up the obsolescence and obscenity of this country.
Tell Yoani to be quiet.
Tell Yoani to be quiet.
Tell Yoani to be quiet.
Despotically, they deposited us in a corner that I confused with the patio of a barracks.
I was dizzy.
I felt nauseous, felt like vomiting.
I could not move my neck.
I embraced Yoani (which I'd never done before).
She began to sob.
The greatest woman in Cuba seemed like an infant.
Because Yoani is such: the future of Cuba crystallized on a fragile and unstoppable body.
I kissed her head. Her hair pulled with such hate smelled like liberty.
Uncountable times I kissed her ageless head.
But I never told her to be quiet.
But I never told her to be quiet.
But I never told her to be quiet.

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