Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yoani Sanchez: "I grabbed his testicles"

Yoani Sanchez

During what Yoani Sanchez described as her “kidnapping brawl” on Friday, one man put his knee on her chest and held her down.
So she reached between his legs, squeezed what she found and dug in her fingernails. In an audio recording posted on YouTube, Sanchez said:
I grabbed his testicles. He said, ‘Let go.’ I said, ‘Well, you have my breasts.’
It came down to: “You let me go, I’ll let you go.”
Earlier that afternoon, Sanchez said she and three friends had been walking to a march against violence. She posted this account on her blog, Generacion Y:

A black sedan, a Chinese-made Geely, pulled up and three “burly strangers” got out. One told her and one of her friends, Orlando Luís Pardo Lazo, to get in the car. They refused and Sanchez demanded to see the strangers’ identification and an arrest warrant.
People gathered around. Yoani said she screamed, “Help, these men want to kidnap us.”
They said,"Stay out of it. These are some counter-revolutionaries.”
One of the men called someone and asked: “What should we do? They don’t want to get in the car.”
Yoani wrote:
I guess the other side's response was blunt, because then came a flurry of punches, pushes…
She and Orlando were shoved in the back seat of the car. That’s when she reached in the pocket of one of her captor’s, grabbed a piece of paper and put it in her mouth.
Then, Sanchez said, one man:
placed his knee on my chest and the other from the front seat was in my kidney area and hit me head so that I would open my mouth and let go of the paper. At one point, I felt I would never leave that car.
Sanchez said she resorted to “an act of desperation.” She grabbed her captor’s testicles, over his pants. She wrote:
I dug my nails, assuming he was going to keep crushing my chest until the last breath. "Kill me now," I shouted, with the last inhalation.
A man in the front seat ordered, “Let her breathe.”
She said she considered opening the car door and jumping out, but there was no handle inside the door.
She said the men finally stopped the car and deposited her and Orlando on the street.
…a woman approached "What has happened?" ... "A kidnapping," I managed to say.
She said she hugged Orlando and wondered how she would explain all the bruises to her son.

Orlando Luis Pardo posted this photo of his neck after Friday's incident

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