Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cabaret dancer says she romanced Cuban rebel

July del Rio. Photo credit: El Imparcial Digital

El Imparcial Digital interviewed a model and dancer who says she had a brief romance with Camilo Cienfuegos in 1959.
July del Rio said Cienfuegos showed up at the Capri Hotel in Havana where she was performing in a production called "Pepper and Salt."
She said she and Cienfuegos got together after that show and went to the Las Vegas club. She said:
...there is a photo of that night, which is in my mother's house. Camilo and I had a brief romantic relationship. He was a quiet man, I would say sad...
She said she believes that Cienfuegos at one point second-guessed the revolution and thought it was somehow off track.

July del Rio left Cuba not long afterward. She said:
The story is sad and I'll sum it up like this: They quickly closed the nightclubs and left us without jobs. I was very young. I did not understand what was happening. There was chaos everywhere, and I lost my job, which had fought so hard to have, becoming one of the most desirable models of the moment.
July del Rio performed in Japan and other countries. Today, she works as an astrologist in Miami.


Frida M said...

Miss del Rio, an excellent artist and entertainer, who travelled the world in the 60's, 70's and 80's taking the magnificent Cuban art form of Cabaret performing to its highest expression. Now a very talented astrologist and a defender of human rights in Cuba. A most delightful lady.Thank you for this post.

Tracey Eaton said...

Thanks for the comment! Tracey