Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Catholic Church gains ground in Cuba

Revolution Square before the pope's main address in Havana

I didn't have time to take many pictures during Pope John Paul II's historic visit to Cuba because I was too busy writing stories.
It was an exciting scene. Sometimes I wish I'd been there as a spectator, not a reporter, so I'd have more time to take it all in.
Fidel Castro spoke to journalists at one point and I quickly snapped a few pictures of him. I got the impression that the Cuban president oversaw even the smallest details of the pope's visit, which seemed to go off without a hitch.

Felipe Perez Roque stands just behind Fidel Castro.
Today, more than a decade since the pope's visit, the Catholic Church has made modest gains in Cuba. Among the signs of that: Cardinal Jaime Ortega will read a Christmas message on state-run TV for the second year. The Associated Press says Ortega's message on Wednesday:
will give thanks that more island families can welcome relatives living in the United States this holiday after the administration of President Barack Obama loosened restrictions on Cuban-Americans who want to travel or send money to the island.

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