Sunday, December 27, 2009

Death, a dictator and leftover lunch

Bullet-riddled delivery truck, identified on some writers as a Dodge Fargo, is on display at the former presidential palace, now a museum
Political activists stormed the presidential palace in Havana on March 13, 1957, to try to assassinate Fulgencio Batista.
But the president wasn't in his second-floor office. He was one floor above getting ready for an appointment with the ambassador from Uruguay. The attackers couldn't reach him on the third floor and all they found on the second floor were two coffee cups and what was left of Batista's lunch, according to this account.
Soldiers and guards killed most of the insurgents inside the palace. The dead included Menelao Mora Morales, a former congressman and bus company president who had been riding in the Fast Delivery truck.
Fidel Castro called the March 13 attack a "useless spilling of blood." It would take nearly two more years to force Batista from power.

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