Saturday, December 19, 2009

OFAC's massive blacklist includes vessels in Cuban waters


Under American law, dozens of ships are banned from U.S. waters. Some vessels are on the black list because they are linked to or owned by people U.S. authorities describe as "specially designated nationals and blocked persons."
This includes alleged drug kingpins, terrorists and other people listed in a 431-page document produced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, or OFAC, a branch of the Treasury Department.
The Hyalite, shown above docked near the Christ statue, is on P. 428 of the OFAC document. The document doesn't explain precisely why the Hyalite is listed. The ship's owner is shown as Whiteswan Shipping Co., Ltd., Cyprus.
I shot the picture at random. I wasn't looking for a ship on the blacklist. But I had the picture, Googled Hyalite and saw the ship on the list.
That made me wonder about other boats in Cuban waters. I Googled another vessel, the Zafiro. Mar America owns the ship. I wondered if it would be on the list, too. But I didn't find it.


U.S. government's Alphabetical Listing of Vessels That Are the Property of Blocked Persons or Specially Designated Nationals

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