Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Peanut Vendor

A mansinero searches for customers near the Hotel Inglaterra

The Peanut Vendor, or El Manisero, is one of Cuba's most famous tunes and has been recorded more than 160 times. Cary Grant sang the song in the 1939 movie Only Angels Have Wings. Judy Garland sang part of the song in A Star is Born in 1954.

Here's how it goes:
Maní, maní, maní…
Si te quieres por el pico divertir,
Cómprame un cucuruchito de maní...
Maní, el manisero se va,
Caballero, no se vayan a dormir,
Sin comprame un cucurucho de maní.
Listen to the tune here, here or here.

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