Wednesday, January 13, 2010

American has managed U.S. government development projects

Alan P. Gross, the Maryland man detained in Cuba, used to work for Robert R. Nathan Associates, where he developed and managed international projects funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
The company, now called Nathan Associates Inc., developed "a standard methodology for producing analytical reports that provide a clear, concise evaluation of economic growth performance and post-conflict economic recovery in designated countries receiving USAID assistance," according to CountryCompass, a Web site featuring detailed assessments of countries where USAID operates.

An October 2009 CountryCompass assessment of the Cuban economy is here. Try here if that link should stop working.
Robert R. Nathan died in 2001. His New York Times obituary said he was:
an economist who helped lead the nation's industrial mobilization in World War II...
Mr. Nathan spent most of the 1930's with the Commerce Department before becoming chairman of the War Production Board's planning committee in 1942 at age 33.
His company helped guide the Korean economy after the war. His company Web site says:
After the Korean War, the United Nations called for a plan of Korean reconstruction. Robert R. Nathan Associates was asked to develop the master plans for rebuilding the Korean economy. The firm soon emerged as a leader in developing master plans for economic growth, sometimes spending decades in a country.
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