Monday, January 18, 2010

Canadian journalist questions Posada Carriles' need for a charter jet

It's just chaos out there...

Jean-Guy Allard, a Canadian journalist based in Havana, put his spin on the Posada Carriles charter jet story. He asks why the defendant's high cholesterol and skin cancer make it necessary for him to fly by charter jet.

Versions of Allard's story, with mentions of Along the Malecon, appeared on the Kaos en la Red site, above, and on:
* Aporrea
* Granma (in Spanish, Portuguese and French)
* the Agencia Cubana de Noticias, or ACN
* Diario Dominicano, a Dominican publication
* the National Committee to Free the Five Web site
* Radio Havana
* Cubavision
* the Web site of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, known as Minrex
* La Jiribilla
* Moncada (in French)
* ISRIA, or International Security Research and Intelligence Agency

Along the Malecon's Anti-Castro militants page

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