Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canadian journalist says he's no "lackey"

Jean-Guy Allard. Photo credit: Luis Laya

Arturo V. Hernandez, a lawyer for Luis Posada Carriles, referred to Canadian journalist Jean-Guy Allard as a "paid lackey."
Allard responded to that today, saying:
Mr. Hernandez hates me it seems. I'm quite pleased. I have observed quite a number of lawyers like him through the years. He is quite typical of this business.
I frankly think that if there were less court bums like him, life would be safer on the street and drugs wouldn't be available in any downtown bar. Anyway, as these guys lie as they breathe, I'm absolutely convinced that this plane owner Herreros is just one other member of this same circuit and that the flight was simply canceled because of the media attention. Period.
Luis Posada Carriles was quite well described by ICE officer Robert Jolicoeur at the beginning of this case before Bush trained "antiterrorist" attorneys from Washington took hold of the situation. He is a terrorist, nothing else. Most of the time, he worked under CIA orientation, that's for sure. He also was an FBI regular informant. He's just one more sample of the "contractors" hired by the US for its dirty moves against Latin America. And he has the lawyer that he deserves.

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