Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Comparing deforestation in Cuba and Haiti

The image of Cuba, left, seems to show less deforestation than in Haiti, right.
Source of image: Earth Snapshot.

There are signs of deforestation in 11 of Cuba's 14 provinces, Earth Snapshot. The Web site, which provides daily satellite images of the planet, reports:
Despite green to dark red areas indicating good to high photosynthetic activity, Cuba’s main environmental problem is deforestation and desertification. According to Cuba’s Environmental Agency and the Agricultural Ministry, approximately 76% of the country’s potential agriculture land has some level of damage: erosion, salinity or compression. The phenomenon’s origin is due to exploitation, deforestation (many forests are cut down in order to use the terrain for agriculture or cattle rearing) and an intense and irrational use of natural resources.

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