Thursday, January 14, 2010

Musician searches for his Cuban roots in new documentary

one among thousands screened at the Jean Cocteau Theater in Santa Fe on Jan. 13.
Photo credit: Carlos Maier

A film about a Cuban-American musician who returns to Cuba after 43 years was shown again in Santa Fe, N.M.
The 77-minute movie, called one among thousands (lowercase intentional), premiered at the Santa Fe Film Festival in November. But the theater was full and some people were turned away at the door. So the movie's director, Carlos Maier, arranged for two more screenings on Jan. 13.
He told me he'd also like to show it at several more film festivals this year in both the United States and abroad.
I joined the team that produced the film last summer in Havana. By chance, we arrived around the same time as a brutal heat wave, so we were drenched in sweat for much of our time there. But it was a great experience. And if the gods are willling, I hope to do more documentary work in Cuba at some point down the road.

Victor Alvarez, middle, greets a fellow musician.


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