Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Owner of plane denies any link to Luis Posada Carriles

World Jet Inc., 1020 West Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale. Photo credit: Google Maps
Don Whittington of World Jet Inc. denied Tuesday that there were ever any plans for Luis Posada Carriles to use his Hawker 700 jet. He told me:
That's not true. I'm not involved. Nor do I give a shit.
On Jan. 11, lawyers for Posada Carriles filed a court document saying that Posada Carriles planned to travel to his trial in El Paso aboard a Hawker 700 jet, tail number N49RJ.
On Monday night, defense lawyer Arturo V. Hernandez told me those plans will have to be changed because the plane is undergoing maintenance.
Whittington said he doesn't know why his Hawker jet was named in the court document in the first place. He said:
It's not true. End of story.
The document said that a man named Alberto Herreros owned the Hawker 700 and planned to pay for the flight.
Whittington said he does not know Herreros and has no interest in defending Posada Carriles. He said:
He's nothing to me. I personally think they should hang him.
I asked Whittington why a plane with tail number N49RJ was listed in the court document. He said that could be "old information." Perhaps someone else was using that tail number. He said:
I would have to see some court records.
I told Whittington I'd e-mail him the document.
I appreciate that he called me to give me his view on the story. I also told him that I think he has led quite a life, the stuff of movies.
Whittington said he works hard and plays hard, and has no interest in Hollywood. He said:
I don't have time for that.
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