Wednesday, January 13, 2010

U.S. contractor left a photo trail

Alan P. Gross has traveled to many hot spots, including Afghanistan, his photo trail shows

Someone named Alan P. Gross - quite possibly the same man detained in Cuba - posted some Cuba pictures to Panoramio, but later the pictures were removed. There are some thumbnails still kicking around, though. I found them on Google Images and on Panoramio.

The pictures show that Gross, if indeed this is the same gentleman, has an appreciation for old American cars and Bucanero beer, described on the label as "fuerte," or "strong."

It looks like Gross did some organizing for Barack Obama. On this page, he asks readers:
Please visit for a small collection of images taken with my Blackberry during 5 weeks as a pro bono field organizer in Southwestern Virginia.
But the photos are no longer there.

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