Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When Reinaldo was more famous than his wife

Here's the first picture I took of Reinaldo Escobar

There was a time when Reinaldo Escobar was more well known than his wife, the now-famous blogger Yoani Sanchez.
I interviewed Escobar in December 2004 for a story that summed up that year for Cuba.
Escobar told me that the world had seen Leninism, Maoism and Stalinism, so why not start a new -ism - Fidelism. Escobar said of Fidel Castro:
He has been in power for 46 years, longer than Lenin or Stalin. He has total legitimacy to launch Fidelism. Whether it will be successful or not is another question.
At the time, Escobar was editor of Consenso, a Havana magazine critical of the government.
We spoke for a while and I took some pictures of Escobar and of the view from his apartment.

Then he changed t-shirts, something about not wanting to be a human advertisement, I think.

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