Thursday, January 14, 2010

Who needs a bath? Estás loco

Those irresistible mellow pooches

Cuba's jailing of an American man who was helping Jewish groups got me digging around on the Internet for more information.
This is a little off-topic, but a Web site called the Jews of Cuba has a ton of pictures taken before and after the 1959 revolution. I didn't wade through all of them, but dog lovers might want to check out the page headlined: "Hay perros! The mellow dogs of Cuba."

The photographer writes:
In Cuba I found great respect for dogs, cats, and other animals. The closest thing I saw to a fight was when a driver did not slow down for a dog crossing the road, and a bystander let it be known what the proper behavior should be.

Dogs in Cuba are everywhere, and you can usually hear barking, but not the fierce aggressive barking you hear in countries such as South Africa. Most dogs in Cuba are small, and all the street dogs need a bath. But they sleep anywhere, and can be found standing around observing life, or just generally sniffing everything.

Several homes had the sign "Hay perro!" This was supposedly to notify potential intruders that a dangerous dog was on the premises. When I would see one of these signs I would shake the gate to see what would happen. Usually, if the dog even woke up, I would get a "why are you bothering me?" look.
A 2004 article I wrote about Cuba's Jewish community
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