Friday, February 19, 2010

Some 90 percent of court filings in Posada Carriles case are secret

As of this afternoon, lawyers had made 419 filings of documents, motions and orders in the Luis Posada Carriles case. I went through the records and found roughly 376 filings that are sealed and 43 are open for public inspection.
A filing can contain one or more documents. The number of pages in a filing can range from one to dozens.
I counted only 23 public filings of documents in the case since Jan. 1. All the rest have been secret filings.
I fault Cardone for failing to handle the case in a spirit of openness and transparency.

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Mambi_Watch said...

Thanks for your continued focus on this trial.

In Miami, a fundraiser was held for Posada's defense. According to Radio Mambi, which handled most of the publicity, the radio marathon was a success. Though it is not known exactly how much was raised, they say the phones were flooded all day Thursday.

alongthemalecon said...

I find the case really interesting. Posada Carriles' lawyer said in one court document that his client has widespread support in South Florida and thousands of people have shown up for pro-Posada Carriles rallies.