Thursday, March 4, 2010

Number of Internet users rose slightly in Cuba in 2009

The Telecommunications Company of Cuba, ETECSA by its Spanish initials, is the main Internet provider in Cuba. Less than a quarter of 1 percent of all Internet users on the island are ETECSA customers.
That's based on a Telecom Italia statement saying ETECSA has 27,100 Internet customers, up from 25,800 at the beginning of 2009. Telecom Italia owns a 27 percent share in ETECSA.
Cuba's population in 2008 was 11,247,334. Divide that by 27,100 and you get .24 of 1 percent.
Many Cubans share Internet accounts, so the actual number of users is higher. Just how much higher, I do not know. A quarter of 1 percent seems awfully low. Internet World Stats reports that Cuba has an 11.5 percent Internet penetration rate.
Whatever the case, it appears the number of Internet customers grew in 2009, at least by one measure.


Dream Maker said...

Mi familia tien computadora en cuba para usarla como maquina de escribir o para jugar , pero ni pensar en tener Internet ni telefono ya que en cuba eso es solo para los perros del gobierno

Best Regards

Tracey Eaton said...

No es facil, verdad?

Karamchand said...

Yo no creo que haya un incremento, para no escribir lo mismo aquí, les remito a los que deseen a mi blog, con permiso del autor de este.

Tracey Eaton said...

Interesante la informacion en ese blog. Gracias, Tracey