Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Joe Garcia is running for Congress

Joe Garcia, former head of the Cuban American National Foundation, just announced his congressional bid. No mention of Cuba in his pitch, below. See video here.


Today, I announce that I will be running for Congress in Florida's 25th district. I'd like to take a brief moment to tell you a little bit about myself and why I'm running.

My wife, Aileen, and I were born and raised in South Florida. Like so many in our community, our parents came to America in search of freedom and opportunity. They worked so hard to get ahead. My dad started out washing cars at Miami International Airport, while my mom waited on tables at the Howard Johnson Hotel on Miami Beach. They didn’t have much money, but they instilled in me values like hard work, love of country, treating others the way you’d like to be treated and faith in God.

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I went to Miami Dade Community College and with the help of scholarships and savings from a part-time job, I was able to graduate from UM. Aileen and I met on our first day at UM Law and we have been married now for 18 years. We have a young daughter, Gaby. As I think about her future, I'm deeply concerned that her generation is inheriting a community that's not as strong as the one her parents found. This is why I'm running for Congress -- because our children deserve every single opportunity we had.

The problems of South Florida are no coincidence. Instead of doing what's right, Tallahassee politicians voted to raise taxes on middle class families by $2 billion and lobbied to build a tax-payer-funded luxury baseball stadium in the middle of a recession. They mismanaged and ignored Jackson Memorial Hospital, which is now on the brink of closing. And just this week, they passed a law that will hurt teachers and students. Some Tallahassee politicians believe this is the community our children deserve and want to take these same wrong priorities to Washington. This is wrong and I won't sit by while our families get sold out to special interests and partisan inaction.

Click here and make a pledge of $25, $45, $75 or more to support Joe today.

I remember a time when good people from both parties worked together. In the 1990's, I worked with Republicans and Democrats to usher in the largest electricity rate cut in Florida's history, which meant lower monthly bills and more money for groceries for Florida's families. At the Energy Department, I've been working to create good-paying jobs that will strengthen our economy and make our country less dependent on oil from dictators like Hugo Chavez and the Middle East.

These are my priorities: I'll work to get our economy back on track and create jobs by keeping taxes low for families and small businesses. I'll reach across the aisle to fully-fund our schools and make college more affordable because we should be fighting for teachers and students – not against them. And I'll work tirelessly to save Jackson Memorial Hospital because people who work for a living should be able to take their kids to a family doctor.

In short, it comes down to this: I'll always put you and your family first. But I'm going to need your help. Please visit our website and make a contribution. If you can volunteer, that's even better.

We don't have to accept the Tallahassee way or the Washington way. Our children deserve to grow up in a community that rewards hard work; where parents can send their kids to good, safe schools and every working family can have a family doctor.

That's my dream and I believe it's worth fighting for -- not just for my family, but for yours. Stand with me today and let's make that dream a reality.

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