Sunday, April 25, 2010

Posada Carriles' case delayed again

An "unavoidable scheduling conflict" has forced prosecutors to ask that the May 20 status conference in Luis Posada Carriles' case be rescheduled for June 2.
The judge granted the request, which Posada Carriles' defense lawyers did not oppose.
The motion does not explain the scheduling conflict. That's no surprise. Prosecutors, the defense and the judge have carried out - and dragged out - this case under a veil of secrecy, some of it taxpayer-financed.
I wonder what unavoidable conflict led to the need for the scheduling change. Doesn't the Department of Justice have anyone who can keep track of these things?
For fiscal 2010, DOJ budgeted for 111,993 positions, which is more than the population of Allentown, Pa. For 2011, DOJ is asking for another 2,880 positions. Seems like DOJ ought to be able to spare someone to handle scheduling.
OK, that's an unfair comparison, I know. Let's stick to the U.S. Attorneys' resources. Fiscal 2010:
Request for 2011:
  • $2.041 billion, an increase of $107 million
  • 10,731 positions, including 5,519 attorneys, an increase of 102 positions, including 68 attorneys.
Looks like Acting U.S. Attorney Michael J. Mullaney has plenty of warm bodies. And these folks aren't cheap. His legions of attorneys earn from $62,467 to $155,500 per year, according to the DOJ.

Let's just hope one of them will be able to read or locate a calendar so this Posada Carriles case can go to trial before the 82-year-old defendant reaches his 90th birthday.

Here's the text of prosecutors' motion in Posada Carriles' case:
The United States of America, by and through Michael J. Mullaney, Acting U.S. Attorney, T. J. Reardon III, Jerome J. Teresinski, and Paul Ahern, Trial Attorneys, respectfully moves the Court to amend its Order Setting Status Conference (Doc. 419) of February 18, 2010, which presently sets the Status Conference in this case for May 20, 2010 at 9:00 AM. The United States requests that the Status Conference be rescheduled for June 2, 2010.
Counsel for the defendant LUIS POSADA CARRILES has been consulted in this regard and has graciously permitted us to represent that the defendant has no objection to this proposed rescheduling.
Regrettably, counsel for the United States did not realize at the time the May 20, 2010, Status Conference was set, that there then existed an unavoidable, scheduling conflict. We are pleased to learn that granting this Unopposed Motion to Reschedule and setting June 2, 2010, for the Status Conference will not cause substantial administrative inconvenience to the Court and are grateful to the Court for its courtesy.
WHEREFORE, the United States respectfully moves the Court to amend its Order Resetting Status Conference from its currently scheduled date of May 20, 2010 to June 2, 2010.

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