Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tour of Fidel Castro's birthplace

Historian Lazaro Castro

Below are links to video I shot at the family plantation where Fidel and Raul Castro grew up near Biran, Cuba.
Nearly 40,000 people visited the site in 2008. The main house and other structures contain all kinds of family photos and other mementos - more than 1,000 objects in all, ranging from an old Westinghouse refrigerator to a rifle that Raul Castro gave to his mother.

A few of the images that stood out:
  • The safe that Juanita Castro supposedly broke into before leaving the country in 1964
  • The fire extinguishers, evidently added after the main building burned in 1954.
  • The first family car, shown above.
  • The pool table, where Raul Castro was evidently superior to his older brother, Fidel. 
  • Lumpy beds.
  • The Castro family cock-fighting ring.

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