Monday, May 17, 2010

Cuban insurance company says couple's medical costs were covered

Some news reports have said a Cuban insurance company is refusing to pay medical costs linked to the violent death of a Cuban-American tourist in Cuba.
The insurance company denies that in a May 14 statement, saying that no one in Cuba has asked the victim's family to pay any of the medical costs that were incurred in Cuba.
The statement, in Spanish, says the insurance company is waiting for details on the Florida funeral home that will receive the victim's body once it is sent from Cuba.
News reports say that Laida Licet Recio, 40, died after two men armed with cement-filled pipes hit her on the back of the head. Her husband, Rolando Suarez, was injured. They had gone to Santiago de Cuba to celebrate a relative's birthday party.

El Nuevo Herald's story on the controversy


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