Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hundreds of thousands of Cubans will march today

Getting ready for the rally. Photo credit: Roberto Suarez

Cuba's official media says "united in the duty" will be the theme today as hundreds of thousands of Cubans march in May Day parades across the country.
The Cuban Workers Federation urges Cubans to take part "in response to an ongoing anti-Cuba media campaign by the United States and its European allies," Ahora reports.
“In the face of this smear campaign, all Cuban workers — who have never yielded and will never accept blackmail — will ratify our support of the Revolution with the same strength of our five compatriots who remain unjustly imprisoned in US jails, and whose freedom we will demand once again,” a federation statement reads.
Ahora says the media campaign is aimed at "planting the idea that popular support for the Cuban Revolution is fictitious...The truth is not object of concern to the enemies of the Cuban Revolution..."
The exploitation of people's feelings is another part of their strategy, Ahora says.
"Prisoners abused...“peaceful ladies pushed,” "persecution," "abuse " "cruelty,"... all a string of lies... with which they have been trying to accuse Cuba."

The cover of Granma, the official newspaper of Cuba's Communist Party

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