Thursday, May 6, 2010

Live via iPhone from Havana?

I wonder if any bloggers in Cuba have the ability to stream video from their mobile phones. Yoani Sanchez of Generacion Y and others are driving Cuban authorities crazy with blogs, YouTube and Twitter. What if they started streaming live video from the scene of Las Damas de Blanco marches and other events?

I started messing around with Qik and and discovered just how easy it is to broadcast live video via cell phone.

Through Google, I found a bunch of other websites that offer live streaming video from your mobile phone. Some of those sites are below.
When I was a young reporter in the 1980s, I used a TRS-80 portable computer to send in stories to the newsroom when I was out of town. I attached rubber couplers to the telephone and typed in a series of instructions to transmit my stories. Things didn't always work, but it was better than dictating to a grumpy editor. And as much as I sometimes hated those TRS-80s - we called them TRASH 80s - those clunky 4-pound computers seemed like a minor miracle of technology at the time.

Source of photo:

Now I see that some news organizations are transmitting interviews live via Qik and other websites, many of which automatically post these videos to Facebook, YouTube and other sites.
Already, Cuban bloggers are using Twitter to communicate with the outside world, sometimes during moments of great tension and conflict as they deal with Cuban authorities. Just imagine if these bloggers were sending live video instead of 140-character Tweets. Maybe some are already doing that.
Anyone know?

Here are some of the sites that offer live streaming video via mobile phone:


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