Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stay classy, Canal 41

Soledad Cedro of AmericaTeVe's Canal 41 (Channel 41) used a video clip from Along the Malecon in a report that appeared on YouTube on April 19.

Above, you can see a screenshot of the clip, with a big ol' 41 Noticias logo.

Thanks to Canal 41 for noticing my work. A little credit for this humble blog would have been nice, of course, but I guess these days we just rip off other journalists' material and claim it as our own.

I called Soledad Cedro - 305-592-4141, ext. 347 - to get her side of the story because I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation - or maybe a check's already in the mail. But no one picked up the phone.

Ni modo. Asi es la vida.

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