Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alan Gross reported to be in a Havana hospital

Fidel Castro met on Wednesday with Hugo Chavez, right. Photo: CubaDebate

Alan Gross, a U.S. subcontractor detained in Cuba since December, has health problems and is being treated at a hospital in Havana, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson told CNN Thursday morning.
Richardson, who is in Cuba on a trade mission, said he hopes to secure the American's release, but is making no guarantees.
He said he does not expect to see the Castro brothers. I would not be surprised if Fidel Castro were to summon Richardson for a meeting on his last day. I'm not saying such a meeting will necessarily happen - just that it's a possibility. Fidel Castro and Richardson have met before and the former Cuban president may want a meeting to get more insight into the governor's thinking on U.S. policy toward Cuba under Barack Obama.
On the other hand, Fidel Castro has been concentrating lately on his worries about the threat of nuclear war, not U.S.-Cuba relations, so who knows if Richardson is on his agenda.
Richardson didn't give details on Gross's health troubles or his hospital stay. I got the impression from Richardson that Gross is being treated at a Havana hospital now. I wonder if he's actually been treated and was released back to prison. More details and confirmation on this point are needed.


Cuba Journal said...

I feel sorry for Mr. Gross, but he engaged in activities which are inconsistent with being a tourist. If the U.S. government has "contracts" to try to destabilize Cuba's government, then those "contractors" should be aware that they will be sanctioned for trying to undermine and subvert the system which the Cuban people have freely chosen.

A trade of Mr. Gross for the Cuban Five should be considered.

If the U.S. government was less arrogant, and used honey instead of vinegar, friendly relations could follow.

How difficult would it be for Barack Obama to reinstate FDR's Good Neighbor Policy, instead of issuing pre-conditions and dictates?

Tracey Eaton said...

Cuba Journal,
good points. earlier this summer, I went looking for Jewish leaders who might know who met with Alan Gross. I couldn't find anyone who knew him. I get the sense that there is much about this story that still has not been disclosed.