Thursday, September 16, 2010

Details on Cuban workforce reductions

These slides were taken from a Cuban government PowerPoint presentation that shows how and why officials are slashing more than a half million government jobs.
This plan has been in the works for many months. It reflects the seriousness of Cuban officials who are trying to add a greater degree of private enterprise to the socialist economy.
These economic reforms - along with the ongoing release of political prisoners - ought to send a strong signal to Washington that Cuba is making important changes.
The Obama administration is not responding with a loosening of the ban on travel to Cuba. U.S. officials indicate that the continued detention of Alan Gross is preventing that.
Making Gross's release a condition of further improvement in relations puts Cuban officials in a difficult spot because Gross is one of the best bargaining chips they've got. The U.S. subcontractor is evidence of one of the Cuban government's most important arguments - that the U.S. is intent on forcing the Castro brothers from power.
Here's another document that lays out some of this information in a PDF. It appeared first on a German website, then on Penultimos Dias, then the Cuban Triangle.

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