Friday, September 10, 2010

Fidel Castro blames journalist, says he was misunderstood

It's not true, Fidel Castro says. He didn't really mean to say Cuba's model doesn't work.
AFP reports:
HAVANA — Former Cuban president Fidel Castro said Friday he was misinterpreted when a US reporter wrote he said that the "Cuban model doesn't even work for us any more."
Castro, who left the presidency in 2006, met recently over three days for a rare interview with a reporter from The Atlantic magazine and a Cuba expert from the US Council on Foreign Relations.
According to The Atlantic, which published its account on Wednesday, the 84-year-old Cuban revolutionary icon joked about the state of the Cuban economy.
Castro said he made the statement "without anger or worry. Now I'm amused to see how (the Atlantic reporter) interpreted it literally" in consultation with a CFR expert.
My answer, Castro said, "meant exactly the opposite" of what the reporter wrote, Castro said, speaking at an event presenting the second volume of his autobiography.
Julia Sweig, a Cuba expert who was at reporter Jeffrey Goldberg's interview with Castro, told AFP that she interpreted his comment differently, thinking that Castro meant that Cuba's economic model didn't work anymore.

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