Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spam, bulging bikinis and stinky sewer pipes

A Cuban beachgoer poses on a sand dune east of Havana.

I confess straight up that this post has nothing to do with the photo above. I would like to pass along a brief message. Friends tell me spammers or some sort of evil cyber creatures have been sending spam from my Yahoo! address.
Below is an example of the bogus e-mails that have been going out:
----Original Message-----
Sent: Thu, Sep 16, 2010 5:28 am
Subject: Re: it's been so long

Hi boss, it's been quite some time now. Since times are hard as hell we need to rely on the internet to save us... I found a solution and I wanted to tell you about it. This page changed my life... I quit my job because I make more money online now. Sounds silly but check out this 7 article about it here goes, View the news paper p6m8
So if you get a strange e-mail like that from me, please disregard it. I didn't send it and I'm not trying to antagonize anyone, no more than usual, at least.
I have changed passwords and taken other measures to eliminate this problem, described here in Yahoo!'s help section. I'm sorry for any inconvenience these messages cause and may spammers spend eternity with their lips firmly attached to the most ancient, mierda-encrusted sewer pipes found in all of Old Havana.

"No lo hice. I was not responsible for the spam attack," this bikini-clad Cuban said.

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