Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cuban foreign minister: Castro brothers are united

Bruno Rodriguez Parilla

Raul Castro "is in charge of the government" and "Fidel is the leader of the Cuban Revolution" and they work as a team, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parilla said.
"...there isn’t any interference, much less any difference, between the two," Rodriguez told Malasia's Star newspaper in an interview. "Raul is in charge of all government tasks. He is now devoted to resolving the country’s problems, which are mostly on the economy."
Among other comments from the interview:
  • Fidel is very much active now. He has had an excellent recovery, and he has a tremendous political and ethical leadership which surpasses the boundaries of Cuba. Of late, he has been participating in mass rallies, delivering speeches and writing all the time.
  • There is a profound continuity with Raul. It is about the same process. There could be some differences when it comes to personal style but there is no difference whatsoever in terms of thinking or vision for the future of the country. In each and every stage, they are doing the things that are pertinent to that specific period. Fidel did so for many years and now this is what Raul is doing. I would say this is about a profound continuity. At the same time, there is an updating process particularly on the economy, given the difficult economic environment caused by the US economic blockade and the global economic crisis as well as the impact of climate change on the Cuban economy.
  • All Cuban families are suffering from the consequences of the blockade. I have lived my whole life under the blockade. My son is 10 years old and was born and lives under the blockade.
  • Three generations of Cubans have suffered from the consequences of a failed policy which is a remnant of the Cold War and contrary to US national interest and that of the American people.
  • This is the main obstacle to the economic development of Cuba. The overwhelming majority of the population understand this and know that the only way forward is through resistance and dedicated labor. We feel optimistic because we know that the blockade policy has failed and that at some point in time it will be lifted.
  • President Obama can lead a historic change on the policy towards Cuba. He can find support in Congress as well as in American society. The data and everything else is indicative that this issue can be resolved. Through executive orders, he could introduce significant changes in the implementation of the blockade policy. He has all constitutional powers and authority to do that. But President Obama is losing an opportunity.
The United Nations is scheduled to vote on Oct. 26 on a resolution condemning U.S. sanctions against Cuba.


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alongthemalecon said...

It is logical that they'd be united, isn't it?
But critics often claim they are at odds with each other.