Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here's some ropa vieja you can't eat

Ropa Vieja clothing

For most Cubans, the words 'ropa vieja' mean a tasty dish of shredded meat. But the words also mean 'old clothes,' and that's the name Alejandro Medina and his partner, Adrian Perez, chose to name their company.
Ropa Vieja's website explains:
Growing up in heavily Cuban environment, we were both exposed to the culture, and culture change of people from Cuba living in America. This world has always been a breeding ground of visual and cultural inspiration. From the food to the music to the "slanguage", the ideal behind Ropa Vieja was born.
I saw something else on the company's website that Cubans can identify with:
...we know what it's like to get hit by a chancleta!
A chancleta is a sandal and it's often the first thing a lot of Cuban moms grab when they need to give their children a little tough love.
The company is based in New Jersey. A few more samples of Ropa Vieja clothes are below:

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