Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Termites chew on cardboard-laced mattress

Door-to-door mattress repairmen

Conner Gorry, an American writer living in Cuba, posted a funny tale about the scarcity of mattresses in Cuba and her pursuit of a good night's sleep. She writes:
I know what you’re thinking: ‘just go out and buy a damn mattress already!’ But here in Havana, it’s not that simple (what is?!). There’s the cost of course, but that’s the least of it: I’d beg, borrow or steal the CUCs I’d need to assure a good night’s sleep for me and my loved one. Unfortunately, here, one thing you learn fast is that there are some things no manner of money can buy. From tortillas to tofu, Rolling Stone to the NY Times, certain things are simply not available ever.

Mattresses fall into this category. There are no mattress stores here, no Bed, Bath & Beyonds or 1-800-Mattres.
Gorry's story makes me feel a tad spoiled because when I lived in Cuba I slept on a king-sized mattress that I shipped in from Mexico. It was a beauty. More on that here.

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