Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cruising the Malecon on a half-century-old machine

Eaton with fellow riders

Among the highlights of my latest trip to Cuba: Riding a 1960 Harley-Davidson motorcycle along the Malecon. Thanks to my friend Julio Palmero, wearing sunglasses, for lending me the vintage motorcycle, at right in the top photo.


Erik Lucien said...

Cool! It must have been amazing cruising along the Malecon on a vintage 1960 Harley-Davidson! The bike reminds me of my grandfather, who used to be a great rider. He spent his retirement years cruising on his Harley. My dad kept the bike, and he’s keeping it shiny and clean as a way to remember grandfather. He also rides it from time to time, and he is very proud of it!

-Erik Lucien

Tracey Eaton said...

It's such a great tribute to your grandfather that the family maintains his old Harley.
Someone told me once, "If it can't love you, don't love it back."
But it's pretty hard for me to love great motorcycles.

Hannah Parkin said...

All motorcycles definitely deserve to be loved, Tracey. Even if you did have some bad times with it, it still deserves some love for the good times it shared with you. I own an old Harley 750 right now. And despite the troubles we’ve faced together, I still love it, and I continue to take care of it as much as possible.

>Hannah Parkin

Tracey Eaton said...

My last comment is missing a word:

It reads:
But it's pretty hard for me to love great motorcycles.

What I meant to write:
But it's pretty hard for me NOT to love great motorcycles.

Clare Westby said...

Vintage motorcycles remind me of my late grandfather! He loved to ride motorcycles even before he was 60! With proper care and maintenance, a bike will surely last for a long time. Show love to your bikes by taking care of it the best way that you can.

-Clare Westby

Tracey Eaton said...

Claire - thanks for your comment. The old bikes are great, aren't they? And they last a long time, too.