Thursday, November 18, 2010

Posada Carriles: Not all lies are equal

Lawyers for Luis Posada Carriles filed a brief today in federal court in response to a judge's order. Posada Carriles is accused of perjury, among other things.
It appears to me that the defendant's lawyers are arguing that:
  • Not all lies should be treated the same under the law. Defendants shouldn't be held responsible for lies that aren't material to a naturalization decision.
  • Trivial lies shouldn't be punished if they are on an application for citizenship, for instance.
  • Lies made during naturalization proceedings are different and should be punished even if a lie is insignificant.
  • The jury - not the judge - should decide whether a lie is material to the case or not.
Prosecutors have until Nov. 24 to respond to the document filed today. The defendant must reply to that response by Dec. 1. Then the judge will decide what lies matter - and what lies don't.


Captain Obvious said...

The Clinton Defense!! It's a really skinny straw to grasp at; but you've gotta grant them creativity points. They must have been up against a wall.

Tracey Eaton said...

Yes, they are creative, aren't they?