Monday, December 20, 2010

Breaking news: Orlando Bosch rushed to hospital, "quite critical"

Orlando Bosch, then and now
Orlando Bosch, 84, has been rushed to a South Florida hospital.
"A doctor is treating him now," his wife, Adriana Bosch, said Monday afternoon.
"His state of health is quite critical," said Angel De Fana, a friend and fellow Cuban exile.
Bosch looked frail on Dec. 9 when he unveiled his memoirs in Miami, but he managed to speak briefly to some 150 to 200 people who turned out to see him (see video).
Bosch recalled his days as a student activist in Cuba. And his friends painted him as a Cuban patriot, not a terrorist, and denied that he was the mastermind behind the 1976 bombing of a Cuban passenger airliner.
Friends helped Bosch off the stage after the presentation. On his way out, he ran into an old friend, Luis Posada Carriles, also accused of involvement in the bombing.
The two hugged, spoke briefly and posed for a few pictures. Then friends led Bosch to a waiting car.

Update: Orlando Bosch out of the woods, for now

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Mambi_Watch said...

Hey Tracy,

Yeah I heard this mentioned on Radio Mambi, but today Armando Perez Roura says he spoke with Bosch's wife stating that Orlando Bosch is recovering and are hopeful he will return home soon.

Unknown said...

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