Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Posada Carriles wants to postpone his January trial

Lawyers for Luis Posada Carriles asked Tuesday that the trial set to begin Jan. 10 be delayed.
They say they need time to study records showing the cause of death and autopsy of
Fabio Di Celmo, an Italian tourist killed in a Sept. 4, 1997, bombing at a Havana hotel. In a document filed today, the defense lawyers wrote:
A continuance is necessary in order to afford the defendant an opportunity to challenge this evidence with expert testimony, without which the undersigned cannot effectively represent the Defendant. Although a continuance of this cause will undoubtedly inconvenience the Court and the Government has advised defense counsel it opposes a continuance, the Defendant is not incarcerated and the Government will not be
prejudiced by a delay indeed resulting from their lack of diligence.
Posada Carriles' lawyers seek the services of a forensic pathologist named Ronald Wright, who divides his time between South Florida and Tennessee. His fee: $500 per hour for depositions; $400 per hour for consulting; and $4,000 for autopsy exams.
Wright said in a letter to Posada Carriles' lawyer that he won't have time to analyze all the Di Celmo evidence by Jan. 10:
As we have worked together before, I remind you that information concerning my practice of forensic pathology can be obtained at www.rkwrightmd.com including my CV, my rate schedule and cases I have testified in for the past 14
As to assistance in the defense of your client, I can start today, but the volume and probable complexity of the records concerning the treatment, death and autopsy of Fabio Di Celmo present real time constraints which make analysis impossible by the start of trial on 2011 January 10.
I am prepared to travel to Cuba, should you and/or your client require it to assist with the depositions of various witnesses. However, I have two hearings and one trial prior to the Christmas holidays, and one trial after, so it will be hard to schedule prior to the start of the trial.

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