Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wikileaks: Cuba leaks are a trickle

As of this morning, Wikileaks had released just 3/4 of a percent - or 1,896 - of the 251,287 U.S. embassy cables that it says it has.
The released documents include:
  • About 6 percent - or 30 - of the 507 cables issued by the U.S. Interests Section.
  • About 3 percent - or 62 - of the more than 2,000 cables tagged Cuba.
Wikileaks has been releasing the cables for 26 days, including today. It has released an average of 73 cables per day. At that rate, it will take nine years and 131 days to release the remaining 249,391 documents.
Even though only a fraction of the Cuba documents are out, I've had trouble keeping up.
Finally, this morning, I belatedly added links to Wikileaks documents posted on this blog over the past three weeks. Apologies to readers for not doing that sooner. Links are vital, I know.

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