Monday, January 3, 2011

Dispute over accuracy of Posada Carriles transcripts

When anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles goes on trial Jan. 10 on perjury and other charges, prosecutors plan to use at least three interviews against him.
They are:
  • His 2006 naturalization interview
  • His August 1998 interview with reporter Maria Elvira Salazar
  • His June 1998 interview with reporter Ann Louise Bardach.
Posada Carriles disputes the accuracy of the transcripts of those interviews and has provided his own redacted versions of those interviews.
Prosecutors on Sunday filed a motion asking that Posada Carriles' versions of the interviews be thrown out. They wrote:
In sum, the United States is perplexed by the defendant’s course of action. The Court and the parties have devoted months of their time to litigation concerning the proposed redactions to the United States’ transcripts. As these months passed, even after final redactions were made tothe United States’ transcripts, the defendant remained silent about his intention to make additional challenges to the remaining language in the United States’ transcripts. The defendant did not follow the Fifth Circuit’s preferred procedure, which calls for the parties to attempt to agree on a stipulated transcript prior to trial.
Prosecutors say Posada Carriles' versions aren't accurate. They provide examples, including one from the Bardach interview:
Ms. Bardach states “So you don’t have any problems with admitting your part in . . . in that . . .because you regard that as a legitimate war action in . . . in Cuba . . . the hotel bombings.” The defendant then responds “Si” (“yes”). The defendant’s version of the transcript, however, quotes the same question from Ms. Bardach, and then quotes the defendant’s response as “[unintelligible].”
U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone said in an order filed Monday that lawyers for Posada Carriles must file their response to prosecutors' motion by Jan. 7.


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