Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lawyer: U.S. paid informant up to $200,000 to testify against Posada Carriles

Luis Posada Carriles is an "extraordinary man", but lied repeatedly while applying for U.S. citizenship, prosecutor Timothy Reardon told the jury on Wednesday.
Reardon said it's true that the anti-Castro militant has dedicated his life to fighting for freedom his homeland, but this trial is not about that.
It's "about choices and he chose to lie" to federal authorities, Reardon said, according to EFE, the Spanish news service.
The defendant's lawyer, Arturo Hernandez, denied that. He said Posada Carriles "substantially told the truth" and he has "always been on the side of" the United States.
But, he contends, Posada Carriles has been the victim of the questionable testimony of an unreliable informant named Gilberto Abascal, who has allegedly received from $100,000 to $200,000 to testify in the case, EFE quoted Hernandez as saying.
Background on Abascal is here.
The trial resumes Thursday.

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