Friday, January 7, 2011

Posada Carriles files sealed - again. No sanctions necessary, judge says

U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone on Friday ordered sealed three files in the Luis Posada Carriles case.
It appears that the judge is referring to the following documents, which you can download here (documents have been removed from blog; read explanation why):
ECF (Electronic Case File) No. 559-3: A 58-page transcript of a June 17, 1998, interview that Posada Carriles gave to journalist Ann Louise Bardach while she was working as a reporter on contract with the New York Times.
ECF No. 562-1: A 34-page partial transcript of the same interview. This is defense lawyers' version of the transcript.
ECF No. 559: A 10-page motion in which prosecutors ask that defense lawyers' versions of this and two other interviews be thrown out.
A source close to the case speculated Thursday that the judge may sanction lawyers for making public the transcripts earlier this week even though they had evidently been ordered sealed. But Cardone's order on Friday said no sanctions were necessary. Her order read:
The Clerk SHALL SEAL the following documents : ECF Nos. 559, 559-3, 562-1. Furthermore, the parties have sufficiently explained the situation and no sanctions are warranted.

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