Thursday, January 6, 2011

Posada Carriles: Italian bombing victim had "worst luck ever"

Lawyers for Luis Posada Carriles on Wednesday said it's up to the jury, not the judge, to evaluate disputed transcripts of past interviews with the defendant.
In a document filed Wednesday, the lawyers wrote:
...the Government has not demonstrated that it has suffered any prejudice, and in fact has noted particular areas in the defense Bardach and Salazar transcript excerpts that it contests. The Government will have the opportunity to challenge those areas through cross-examination at trial, because the defense expert will testify to provide the necessary foundation for admission of the defense transcripts for the jury’s consideration.
Also filed Wednesday was the defense's version (transcript removed from site, read explanation) of Ann Louise Bardach's June 17, 1998, interview with Posada Carriles. In these excerpts, Posada Carriles appears to accept his role in a string of Havana hotel bombings that killed Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo in 1997.
From the transcript:
Posada Carriles: In the... in the bombing, in the... in the hotels...we tried, we put small explosives. We don’t... because we don’t want to hurt anybody. Just to make a big scandal. And... that the tourists don’t come... anymore. Why? We can’t put a... put bombs and explosives and blow up the whole...

Bardach: Oh, I understand. So, in other words, with the tourist bombings, it’s because in the book, you know... I read this about how upset you were about the tourism...

Posada Carriles: Yeah.

Bardach: ...So you were, what you wanted, the intention was to scare off the tourists...

Posada Carriles: Yeah.

Bardach: Not to kill the tourists.

Posada Carriles: Sure.

Bardach: But one, you know one person was killed.

Posada Carriles: Yeah, but, you know what happened?

Bardach: No.

Posada Carriles: Sixty feet away...there was a poor guy... sit down in a... in a... chair...And the bits... small...

Bardach: Shrapnel... tiny piece.

Posada Carriles: ... and took the jugular (Noise.). This is the worst luck ever... It’s sad. Sad, see. It’s’s not intentional, but we can’t stop because... uhm, right then Italian was sit down (Noise.)... at the wrong time and the wrong place.

Bardach: Poor man.

Posada Carriles: Yes.

Bardach: ... he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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