Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Secret cable mentions Fidel Castro's supposed "personal fortune"

This secret U.S. embassy cable reports on the claim that Max Marambio had "a role in hiding Fidel Castro's personal fortune."
The December 2009 document, which originated at the American embassy in Santiago, profiles Marco Enriquez-Ominami, described at the time as "Chile's Surprise Presidential Contender." Marambio was an economic adviser to Enriquez-Ominami.
The cable reads:
In a life studded with celebrities and fascinating characters, Enriquez-Ominami's chief campaign financier and political advisor, leftist revolutionary-turned-millionaire Max Marambio, is the most interesting of all. As a young man, Marambio joined the MIR and led Salvador Allende's presidential bodyguard team. He lived in the Cuban embassy in Santiago for 10 months following the coup, before fleeing first to Switzerland and then to Cuba, where he studied political science at the University of Havana and trained with the Cuban special forces. He participated in secret Cuban military and commercial missions to Angola, Lebanon, Korea, Central America, and Europe, allegedly including a role in hiding Fidel Castro's personal fortune. In the late 1970s, he began a joint venture food company with the Cuban government which eventually became International Network Group, a holding company which generates US $80 million in profits in Cuba each year from food products and tourism.
In July 2010, Cuban authorities filed a notice asking that Marambio appear in court in connection with a corruption investigation. He did not appear.
Photo of Max Marambio: The Clinic

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