Friday, February 4, 2011

New Cuba website launched (with postscript)

I started a new website aimed at gathering interesting stories and opinions from a wide variety of Cuba blogs.
Along the Malecon News uses WordPress, which offers all kinds of customization options.
I like the way Emilio Ichikawa displays news and feature stories on his blog, and decided to try doing something similar to that using the same WordPress theme, Arthemia Premium by ColorLabs Project.
I plan to add more links and features. Eventually, I may move the Along the Malecon blog to this new WordPress site, but for now I'm going to keep both sites running independently and see how things work out.

P.S. Along the Malecón News was up and running for more than a year. But the website didn't work as I expected. It automatically collected tens of thousands of links and posted them. But it took forever to load and did not attract a steady flow of visitors. So I ended the experiment and shut down the website.

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