Monday, February 7, 2011

Posada Carriles case: Dispute continues over Guatemalan passport

Posada Carriles said he was born in Huehuetenango, according to the passport.

Prosecutors on Sunday asked a federal judge to reconsider her decision to throw out a fraudulent Guatemalan passport that anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles allegedly used in 2005 (Download PDF of government motion).
Defense lawyer Arturo Hernandez said U.S. authorities have no proof that Posada Carriles ever used the passport. According to a document filed today (Download PDF):
Here, the Government has not produced any evidence that the Defendant, Luis Posada Carilles, ever personally possessed the passport application, the passport or affixed his fingerprint on the passport application. Rather, a FBI Lab report produced in December 2010 definitively shows that the fingerprint affixed to the passport application is NOT the fingerprint of Mr. Posada.
Download PDFs of documents:
Guatemalan passport (1.9 MB)
FBI report on fingerprints found on passport

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