Friday, March 18, 2011

Posada Carriles: "My conscience is very clean"

Note from Luis Posada Carriles to Ann Louise Bardach. Source:
Luis Posada Carriles said he knew and supported Fidel Castro before the triumph of the 1959 revolution, but later turned against him.
Communism is "a former of evil," Posada Carriles told journalist Ann Louise Bardach in a June 17, 1998, interview.
A transcript of the interview was filed in the trial against Posada Carriles in U.S. District Court in El Paso.
Prosecutors accuse the anti-Castro militant of perjury, immigration fraud and other charges.
In the 1998 interview, Posada Carriles said he had met Castro in Havana before the revolution and thought of him as a "gangster" because he ran around with people who were always armed.
Castro was "a crazy guy" back then, Posada Carriles told Bardach, who has been testifying this week in the defendant's trial. "Everybody had guns."
Bardach asked Posada Carriles how many times he has tried to kill Fidel Castro. When he would not answer, Bardach spoke into the tape recorder:
He doesn't want to answer...He's sighing...He's laughing...He's rolling his eyes...He's rubbing his eyes...He's laughing...
Posada Carriles never answered the question, at least while the tape recorder was on.
He told her he sleeps very well - "like a baby."
"Why?" she asked.
"Because my conscience is very clean."

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