Friday, April 15, 2011

Panama summit evidently is underway

Source of photo: yfrog
Austin Heap, a San Francisco tech whiz, said in a Tweet that the first day of the {think} Cuba summit "was unreal. The people of Panama have been amazing."
The summit is a gathering of elite international activists who are devising ways to help support Cuban bloggers, dissidents and others who oppose the socialist government.
Heap, who helped Iranian activists defeat government censors, is the creator of a software called Haystack and executive director of the Censorship Research Centre in San Francisco.
{think} Cuba's website said the summit would take place April 25 to 29. If Heap's Tweet is accurate, the summit has already begun.
Organizers had originally announced the event would take place April 11 to 15. Later they said it would take place April 25 to 29. The {think} Cuba website does not explain the discrepancy.

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